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Monday, September 7, 2009

Active and Free Joint Solution

If you've been reading my blog for long, you know that I suffer from severe degenerative arthritis, which has really impacted my ability to walk or do any other weight bearing activities or exercise. My knees are in terrible condition, and the orthopedic surgeon says I will need total knee replacements before too long. I have pain in my other joints as well, especially my hands. I hate that I am in pain daily from this, and it started so young... in my 30's. When I told the doctor that my Mom was walking with a cane by the time she was 55, he said, "at the rate you're going, you'll have her beat." Sad. They told me losing weight would help... and it has... but not completely. Some days I still limp. My knees hurt every single day.

I've been on a regimen of supplements that helped me a lot. I'd say it cut my pain down about 70%. But I was still hurting, so I was excited for the opportunity to try Active and Free Joint Solution, a relatively new supplement that promises "long-term, restorative relief rather than temporary, symptomatic relief" and claims it "provides nutrients your body requires for healing and rebuilding damaged joints." Sounds good to me. I figured it wouldn't cure or heal my severely damaged joints, but might provide some relief from the daily "grind," so to speak.

Before I take any supplement, I take a good long look at the ingredients. I don't want to ingest anything harmful. The website states: "Joint Solution includes 64 trace minerals (plant derived), hydrolyzed collagen type II, hyaluronic acid, boswellia serrata, chondroitin, glucosamine HCL (plant-derived), MSM (plant derived). All ingredients are completely natural and contain no shellfish." I looked up each ingredient before I decided that this was a safe supplement for me to take. I was especially glad it is shellfish-free, as I am allergic to shellfish and have had trouble in the past finding a shellfish-free glucosamine (one of the supplements I take).

When I started taking Joint Solution, I was amazed to feel a definite improvement within a matter of days. My pain was dramatically reduced in my knees. I was really surprised that this stuff worked so well! I kept taking it with success until I was struck with a bout of stomach flu. I'm sure if you read my blog you remember this: it was in the spring, and I was so sick that I could not even take fluids. So of course I was forced to stop taking the Joint Solution for a few days.

When I was well, I wondered if my joint pain would come back if I didn't start taking the Joint Solution again. I thought, "well, I feel fine now. Maybe the improvement was all in my head. Maybe that stuff wasn't really helping." But within a week, the pain in my knees and hands was back with a vengeance. It felt worse than before (I believe because I'd been taking other supplements before, and now was taking *nothing* for my joints). I went back on the Joint Solution, and in about 5 days, the pain was once again much better. I'd say that the pain and discomfort were about 90% gone.

So I like this stuff. I like it a lot. It really *did* help me with my pain levels, quite a bit, and more than my usual supplements. When I take nothing at all, my pain is crippling. So it is very important to me to find good supplements that allow me to be active and mobile.

When my free trial of Joint Solution ran out, I didn't purchase more simply because I already have a closet full of my other supplements to use up and my finances aren't great at the moment. My pain level did increase a bit because of this. The thing is, on my "old" supplements, the pain is worse on some days than others. Usually, it's 70 to 80 percent better than I am with NO supplements, but each day varies. On the Joint Solution, I had very consistent results with each day being about 90% better than a non-supplemented day. I'd like to go back on Joint Solution again. I think it would actually allow me to delay the knee surgery my doctor says I will need. And it took care of the pain in my hands, which my other supplements don't seem to control well.

As a comparison, the supplements I used before Joint Solution and am using up now are:

Source Naturals Vegetarian Glucosamine, 750 mg, 2x/day
Source Naturals Chondroitin Sulfate, 600 mg, 2x/day
Turmeric Force once a day, in the morning

I also occasionally use InflameAway Celadrin capsules, which I break open and squeeze the contents onto my knees and rub it in. I use this when I know I am going on a long walk or if I want to bike but my knees hurt. When I am very achy I also use Tart Cherry Concentrate which I buy at the local Farmer's Market. I put a Tablespoon of the stuff into my tea or smoothie and it really helps with the inflammation and soreness.

So that's a lot of supplements I use, and like I said, they help a lot. But I'd rather just take one supplement. Joint Solution would be the one.

On their website right now, they have an offer: buy 2 bottles, get one free (the link says "free bottle of Joint Solution"). They also have a 180-day money back guarantee. First time customers can buy one bottle for $29.95 with free shipping and handling, which seems pretty reasonable to me. Second and subsequent bottles are a bit higher with discounts for recurring orders. From my dealings with this company I have seen nothing but excellent customer service and that's why I feel I can recommend them.

If you'd like to win a bottle of Joint Solution to try for yourself, just leave a comment on this post telling me how you think this product would help you or someone you care about. Next Monday, September 14th, a winner will be chosen and a bottle will be shipped to you for free! I am excited to see if it helps you as much as it did me.

**Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or anything. Check with your doctor before beginning any new supplements.**

I wasn't paid to do this review. I got a free trial of the product, but if I thought it sucked I'd be the first to say so. But I liked it, a lot. I liked dealing with them, too. So if you have arthritis, check it out: Active and Free Joint Solution.

And please come back and let me know how you liked the product and the customer service.


Shelley said...

I don't have joint problems (I don't I don't I don't!) but I've noticed a bit of um...achiness/pain on the days following a run. As I obviously don't want to admit to anything hurting, I wonder if I should start taking this or something like it to ward off any potential problems.

Nice honest review, Lyn - I love that about you...plus I know that you will research the heck out of whatever it is you're reviewing so I don't have to!

Kristi said...

thanks for the review. I'd like to win a bottle - but if not, I'll probably buy it. pain sucks.

Betsey C. said...

I'd love to give this a try! I have rheumatoid arthritis which is in 'remission', but I also have osteoarthritis in my ankles and feet. I am trying to reduce my Celebrex intake to one pill every other day, and I think this supplement could really help me do that.

Thanks, Lyn!

moonduster said...

My mom has really bad arthritis in her knees. She was told, while in her 20s, that she owuld be in a wheelchair by the time she was 30. She proved them wrong! It wasn't until her late 50s that she had to get one knee replaces, and in her early 60s, she had the other knee replaced. Arthitis in the knees runs in the family though as her sister had both knees replaces, as did her nephew. It's one of the reasons I give myself for needing to get this weight off.

If I win it, I'd have it sent to my mom.

flyingwoman said...

I'm in, if it's OK to do so from Canada. For me it's hips and knees. It's my biggest obstacle to exercise, which is frustrating because I'm at that new energy feeling in my escape from 400.


bbubblyb said...

I have arthritis also and currently take a prescription medicine for it but the doctor also suggested a supplement and I was taking one for awhile but it was $40 a bottle. So I would love to try joint solution and see if it would help.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, informative review. Thanks.
I would love to try this product. I have arthritis in my back, and the stiffness and aching keeps me from exercising at all. I need to find something that'll help.
~Karen A.

jenn. said...

i'd love to give this a try. I'm relatively young and have disturbing knee pain with a fmaily history of severe arthritis. It's sporadic but often and painful enough to prevent me from performing my daily activities. I only hope it doesn't get worse as i get older.

Cardcrazy said...

I have had terrible knee pain off and on for the past 10-15 years. Right now, it's been bad again. My feet also hurt..not the bottoms like with a heel spur (I've had that too) but the bones just hurt. I'd love to give this a try! Thanks for the chance!

Sherre said...

Thank you for the review. I suffer from Lupus which causes joint pain (especially in my knees). I'm taking lots of ibuprofen, and I'd love to slow down on that due to all the side effects (altho I keep taking the ibuprofen so I can walk for exercise and swing a golf club). Thank you for the giveaway and especially the review. Like Krisi, I'll probably buy it to try it.

Lazarai said...

I'm so glad I saw this entry, Lyn!! I am 52 years young and wake up with pain in my hands now DAILY. They ache all day long! It used to be just in one or two of my knuckles, but now it's in both of my hands and all of the time!! I'm scared to death...I KNOW it's arthritis. My dad, who is 88, suffers from osteo-arthritis and has for years -- it's really bad in his hands AND his knees. He needs both knees replaced now but is too scared to undergo the surgery....so he shuffles, and it's horrible to watch. I, too, have problems with one of my knees -- I fully expect I'll be dealing with a knee replacement (or two!) as well.

But it's my HANDS that worry me even more. My grandmother on my mom's side had rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. She died when I was in my teens, but my last memories of her HANDS haunt me to this day. Both of her hands were crippled by her arthritis to the point that they resembled claws - all twisted and useless. She could no longer cook...or apply makeup....or do ANYTHING with her hands.

So every day when I wake up with pain in my hands....and it lasts ALL DAY LONG....in my mind's eye, I see my grandmother's HANDS and it scares the bejesus out of me.

I am a young 52, raising two teenagers, married 22 years now and looking forward to a soon-to-be empty nest so my husband and I can travel, and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and DO all the things we've had to set aside while raising our kids.

By the way, I have battled my weight all my life (my nickname was Roast Beef when I was TWO!!)
I FINALLY got control over that when I figured out the whole nutrition + exercise equals weight loss thing. I quit a 27 year, two packs a day smoking habit 10+ years ago now....and took up eating right and exercising like a madwoman (Spinning is my chosen activity - I go to class 4-5 times a week, plus I take water aerobics twice a week). I basically replaced my nicotine addiction with an endorphin addiction. I FINALLY am at a normal weight and I'm maintaining that by making good choices and exercising alot.

Now, I need to turn my attention to my hands, and I am much more interested in trying an all-natural supplement like "A and F Joint Solution," than having a doctor prescribe me a synthetic drug which would only deal with the symptoms, and bring along a host of side effects. I read the list of ingredients in A & F, and it sounds like this supplement would be the perfect place for me to start. If you choose me, I promise to let you know how it works on my hands. As I said, I wake up in the morning with hand pain now DAILY, and it's scaring the bejesus out of me. I would know within a week whether this stuff works for me or not....

Anyway, thanks a million for reviewing this product -- I'm glad to hear it helps YOU!

I would love to be chosen to try this stuff. If it works for ME, I will buy it and send some to my Dad, too (on top of his knee pain/issues, his thumb recently fell victim to osteo-arthritis and is no longer in its usual position -- looks so painful, though he doesn't complain!)

Have a great day, Lyn! Thanks for your consideration...

:) Carol

Joan said...

I have begun to have a lot of pain in my hips and have just been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in at least one hip. Ugg.. it really does hurt a lot. I have been taking multi-vitamin, glucasamine/chondroitin and flax seed oil pills. The dr also told me to get on top of the pain and take aleve twice a day. That helps some, but I still do have pain.

Sarah663 said...

I have been having a lot of knee pain lately, and had made up my mind to take a supplement with these ingredients. I would like to win this and try it out!

elife said...

Great info, thanks for posting this. My knees aren't perfect, but got a lot better with some weight lost. My moms, however, are terrible. She's always been a normal weight, always been very energetic, and yet her knee pain has gotten worse and worse. It is so hard to see my peppy, youthful mom take 5 minutes to stand up, all the time brushing off offers of assistance and pretending everything is fine. I would love to give this to her.

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